ScottGu on Silverlight 3

Scott Guthrie, head of virtually everything developy at Microsoft, has just posted a blog on Silverlight, with some new information about Silverlight 3. For me, the most interesting items are:

  • Silverlight now on over 1 in 4 browsers in some form (1.0 and 2, I presume). This is the first concrete number we’ve had about Silverlight penetration. To be honest, I’ve no idea what constitutes a good number, since presumably anything less than Flash’s penetration would be seen as a negative, but at this stage it’s not a bad figure.
  • 3D support and GPU acceleration is coming in SL3 (along with H.264, which had already been announced). The GPU use is very good news for performance reasons. 3D support is a nice-to-have for me, but not killer. But it will make some UI features easier to do.
  • Richer data-binding and more controls. More controls are always nice, and let’s hope that some of WPF’s databinding abilities finally make it to Silverlight. Being able to bind controls to controls directly, for example, would make some things a lot easier.

Of course, we’ve got to wait for these new goodies, but it’s nice to see them coming. Hopefully a CTP or Beta will be around before too long.


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