Month: July 2009

Isobel’s First Movie

We gave Isobel a Flip video camera for her birthday, and she’s had fun filming loads of stuff. Yesterday we sat down to edit her first movie. Here it is.

Its production adheres to the strict principles of the Flipme movement:

  1. It must be shot on a Flip or similar flash-based camera
  2. Each scene must be shot in order
  3. It must be shot on found locations. Or sets made of cardboard boxes and glitter glue.
  4. All performers must be plastic dolls. Or Lego.
  5. Optical work and filters are forbidden. Because they’re hard to do with a Flip.
  6. The film must only contain superficial action. (Introspection or social realism, etc. must not occur)
  7. Genre movies are encouraged. Because they’re better.
  8. The director must do all the dialogue live. Or her brothers and sisters if they won’t stop bugging her.
  9. The only allowable post-production is the straight assembly of the filmed scenes in the Flip software, in order.
  10. The director gets the only credit.

I think this movement could take off.